Jamie Ranney, Co-Founder and Race Director — Jamie is a long-time year-round resident of Nantucket, a local businessman and age-group triathlete in the Clydesdale Division. Jamie is a USA Triathlon Certified Race Director and has worked with USAT in senior race management at some of their national level events. Jamie's vision of the Nantucket Triathlon as a destination-race event is being realized each year as the Nantucket Triathlon grows in popularity. Jamie has committed a huge amount of time and resources to the event in order to bring a professional-level multi-sport event to Nantucket along with a newfound source of economic stimulus for the island in these trying times. Jamie is committed to putting the resources generated by the event right back into making it a better and better event each year for the athletes and for Nantucket. In conjunction with his Co-Founder Bill Burnett of Streamline Events, LLC and the combined wisdom, experience, cooperation and vision of the Town of Nantucket's extremely supportive elected officials and employees, the Nantucket Triathlon is rapidly evolving into a premiere sporting event that athletes from all walks of life, from the first-timer to the elite, recognize as a truly special annual event for themselves and for Nantucket.


Bill Burnett, Co-Founder and Race Coordinator — Like Jamie Ranney, Bill is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. Two of them developed a friendship on fraternity hill and ever since have a common bond of developing inspiring athletic events. Bill currently resides outside of Boston and manages the business at Streamline Events. As a former All-American swimmer, Bill keeps in shape year around with the Cambridge Masters swim program and competes in a few triathlons each summer. Bill is passionate about promoting triathlons, living an active lifestyle, and giving back to the community. Bill is a USA Triathlon Certified Race Director.

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Christian Cunnie - Assistant Race Director - Christian has been on the Streamline team since 2009. This incredible young man exhibits the maturity, attention to detail, and his ability to work under pressure well beyond his age. He is currently going to UMASS Amherst in the Sports Management program at the Isenberg School of Management. As our Assistant Race Director, Christian has a bright future ahead of him at Streamline Events.

Venessa Moore - Race Coordinator (pictured left) - We welcome Venessa back to the coordinator ranks of the Nantucket Triathlon! Venessa was a huge help to the event in our early years and we’re excited to have her back to help with a variety of things, including volunteer recruitment. Venessa is a lifelong islander who has held a variety of community building jobs throughout the years. Welcome back Venessa!!