Swim Course (Sprint distance = .25 miles):

The race start will be on the beach to the LEFT of the west Jetty. Racers will be corralled in a "chute" down towards the water and "penned" in groups by age pending a "wave" start format. Swim waves will be sent off at 3 minute intervals on a buoy-marked course to the LEFT of the west Jetty. Water temperatures should be in the low 70’s degrees. Wetsuits are optional. When the athletes have completed the swim they will exit the water, run up the beach and to the upper parking lot near the tennis courts and into the transition area.

Bike Course (Sprint distance = 13.4 miles):

The athletes will exit the transition area and mount their bikes in a designated "mount" zone near the entrance to the upper parking lot. The athletes will ride their bikes out Bathing Beach Road to North Beach Street, down North Beach to Easton, right on Easton to Cliff Road, right on Cliff Road to the intersection of Madaket Road and Cliff Road. At the intersection of Madaket Road and Cliff Road, the racers will bear right and head out Madaket Road to Millie's Restaurant where they will turn around (a cone will be in the road) and head back to Jetties Beach via the same route.

Run Course (Sprint distance = 3.4 miles):

Once back at the upper parking lot at Jetties, the athletes will re-rack their bikes and head back out on their run. Athletes will head back out taking a right onto Bathing Beach Road to North Beach, bear left onto North Beach to the end, right on Easton, right up Cliff Road, right on Cabot Lane, left on Grant Ave., around Lincoln Circle, right on Nantucket Ave., left back onto Cliff Road, left on Chester Street at the bottom of Cliff Road and onto Easton, down to the end of Easton near Brant Point, left on Hulbert Ave., at the Brant Point Rotary right on Bathing Beach Road left into the upper parking lot to the finish line. This run course is very similar to the Brant Point Runners weekly run.